Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011

Just over a week ago, while watching t.v. & relaxing on a Friday evening ~ I recieved a text message from my best friend. It's pretty nice to have a best friend at this age ~ sixty ~ but I hadn't expected the fragile feeling that came with her text that night. Just wasn't prepared for it, yet we had all been holding our breaths and praying alot during the week leading up to it. Debbie had been diagnosed with breast cancer. After jumping off the bed and yelling NO!!! while running around the house ~ I finally was able to calm down long enough and call Silent Unity. I knew their  prayer work and positive approach to all things in life would set us all on the path of divine healing. Thank you God for your good work with Debbie, as I put all my faith in your restoration of her perfect health. I will always be receptive to your ideas of how I can best help Debbie and her family during this time of great need. Please help us all to remember that this cancer does NOT define her life ~ that there are many, many things that go to make up her total person ~ and a wonderful person she is! Thank you for bringing her great blessings as she starts the journey with her tests and treatments. Thank you for bringing all those who know and love her even greater strength than we have ever known.

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