Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

The day started earlier than I had thought it would ~ was thinking I'd get to sleep in awhile this morning ~ but Pippin had other ideas in mind. Normally he stays under the covers for as long as we'd let him ~ sometimes well into the afternoon even! But this morning he bounded down the steps and for the door before I could even find my shoes! I spent the morning making dark chocolate brownie bites to surprise Debbie with at noon (dark chocolate anything is her favorite!!) but she surprised me with something even better. of course it was better! Chocolate doesn't  even remotely compare!! Her surgeon called her at work to say that some of the test results from Tuesday had come back and SO FAR SO GOOD!! She will see the oncologist tomorrow afternoon for the full rundown and for the results of the bone scan ~ and most likely the course of treatment for the chemo, surgery, etc. She was so very excited about the news ~ and talked a bit about her bubble ~ who she has taken with her inside of it ~ and how encouraged she already feels because of it. I have been planning meals and doing some cooking already ~ easy stuff for them (and us) to simply thaw & bake when needed.

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