Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

It's still sort of early for me to be up ~ or actually maybe it just looks that way! Day light savings time (spring forward) happened over the weekend so now it's darker in the morning and lighter at night an hour longer. It makes my sleepy head sort of confused! Anyway ~ I need to get up and get moving but wanted to check in here with myself first. After doing what my son so lovingly calls "Reading with Robin" this morning I plan to meet up with Debbie for a short visit over her lunch break from her work. It has become a "staple" in our daily lives and a much needed time for a let down and/or build-up of the emotions between friends. Last week she talked alot about having yet to deliver the diagnosis to her children and the anticipation of doing so was not a comfortable thought. Her daughter lives here locally, her son is actually studying in China this semester and was contacted by Skype. I'm pretty sure that now that the kids are processing this news of their mother's diagnosis ~it definitely becomes more "real" for Debbie. Thank you God for making today, this day, a quiet and comfortable one for the family and friends of the Steele Family. Let them be strong!

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